AKI Group

Anugerah Kasih Investama (AKI), established in 2015, is a holding company with subsidiaries in multiple industries such as property, technology, and consumer goods. AKI ongoing property projects include: Bhuvana Village Regency in Tangerang, The Leaf Beautique Resort in Bogor, Tavisamira Beach Club and Resort in Bali, and Imperial Izumi Resort in East Java. These projects are considered to be the first step in showcasing Indonesia as a strong industrial country.

Unit The Leaf
Unit Bhuvana Village
Unit Tavisamira
Imperial Izumi Resort


As the main root of the company, AKI currently focuses on property developments that are sought after by the market and have exceptional potential.
Consumer Goods
The nation’s high consumption of daily necessities has driven AKI to acquire one of the leading companies in this sector.
The rapid growth and use of mobile applications has brought forth a huge potential in the technology sector. This potential has inspired AKI to advance the nation through technology.
The property projects AKI has developed are designed to boost the company’s revenue through embarking into the hospitality.