To help, establish, build companies related to manufacturing and property developers to become powerful players with unique competitive advantages, by providing capital, knowledge and best practices.

To contribute and play an important role in increasing Indonesia’s economic growth to USD 5000/capita.
To be the leading company in manufacturing and property industries to push economic growth in Indonesia.

As a holding company, AKI Group has several subsidiaries and business sectors that are led by young individuals. All of these individuals have high integrity in driving the company to create a community and working environment that is both comfortable and favorable.

Happiness Creator
AKI Group is always committed to bring happiness to everyone: employees, consumers, and partners.

Optimizing productivity through a heavy emphasis on teamwork, is supported by our professional and business-oriented HR.

Customer Centric
Focused on providing satisfaction to consumers and partners, so that the cooperation and products produced by AKI Group can provide the best business value. Which, in turn, will be profitable for both parties.

AKI Group always aims to create creative and non-static works and products.

We strive to challenge ourselves to deliver innovative work and products.